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The land of the Bible is being destroyed
The heritage disaster in Judea Samaria and the Jordan Valley 

Who are we?

Preserving the Eternal is a coalition of organizations for the protection of antiquities and national heritage sites in Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Judean Desert. The project was born in 2015 by field explorers and travelers following the destruction of antiquities discovered in many sites. The purpose of the project is to promote an active government policy of preserving and developing the national heritage sites for future generations.

IHPC The Center for the Protection of Antiquities of Israel (Israel Heritage Prevention Center)Brings together a series of archaeologists and expert professionals working to preserve national and world cultural heritage values in Israel and to make academic and research knowledge on the subject accessible to the general public.

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Watch the article broadcast on the main edition of News 12 - 9/9/21
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The National Heritage Survey is the first survey of its kind  and in its scope held in the years 2020-21  In order to give a picture of the state of preservation and risk of the national and world heritage sites in the territories of Judea and Samaria. The survey was conducted for the Shiloh Forum by the Coalition for Keepers of the Eternal and the Israel Antiquities Protection Center (IHPC) in a multi-professional and multi-disciplinary team of archaeologists, field explorers and information experts. 


As part of the survey, 365 sites were selected, which include the most important sites for national and world heritage, and the level of preservation and the danger they face from acts of destruction and robbery were measured.The findings of the survey show that one of the biggest heritage disasters in the world is happening before our eyes: 80% of the sites were severely and moderately damaged, including all sites of importance group A, ten of which have either been destroyed or are on the verge of destruction, among them biblical mounds of utmost importance, such as Tel Dotan, Tel Teko, Archilais and Petzalis in the Bekaa, and the Hasmonean desert forts, Sartaba, Aroma and Horkania fortress. Those responsible for the situation are first and foremost the incompetence of the Israeli governments and the almost total lack of a proper response to the tsunami of looting and rampant destruction, and secondly - the Palestinian Authority and European governments that support operations that include the destruction of sites and the erasure of history for the sake of shaping a narrative  of forgetting a heritage, which leaves behind a scorched earth clean of history and heritage.The result: 3,000 years of heritage disappearing in 30 years.


The survey is presented herewith for your reference.

Please, don't just read. were ambassadors. Do everything in your power to stop the destruction and preserve the heritage. So that something remains for future generations.So that the Land of the Bible is not erased.

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Documentation of the destruction of Hasmonean burial caves in the Jericho Necropolis


Documentation: The Palestinian Authority destroyed a Jewish heritage site - and used its remains to pave a road


Mount Ibal Magazine 12 Leah Spilkin

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Erasing the Land of the Bible 

Sara Haatsani Cohen 

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