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The next step in cultivating a religious Zionist identity 

The Hamad Administration in collaboration with the Guardians of the Eternal


The heritage menorah

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A celebration of heritage sites

During Hanukkah, tour national heritage sites related to the holiday and the ancient kingdoms of Israel and learn about our roots

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Hasmonean palaces in Jericho

Tuesday-Thursday - 20-22.12.22

The Hasmonean palaces in Jericho are one of the most special heritage sites in the country. The magnificent archaeological remains left by the Hasmoneans and after them Herod tell the story of the established Hasmonean kingdom. This is the story of all of us.
In the upcoming Hanukkah we will open the Hasmonean palaces

to celebrate tours on Tuesday-Thursday - 20-22.12.22

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Ancient Samaria, the capital of the Kingdom of Israel 

Thursday   22.12 ~ 28 Kislu

Ancient Samaria is an ancient city in the heart of Israel. During the days of the Kingdom of Israel, Omri founded the city and gave it the name "Somria". Omri established the city as the capital of the Kingdom of Israel and built it with great splendor.

According to what is told in the Bible and according to the archaeological remains found at the site, the city was rich and enjoyed an extensive economy.

After the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel, the city lost its greatness, but during the Second Temple period, King Herod restored it and called it "Sebasti" after the Roman emperor who sponsored it. Herod, the builder king, built many large buildings in the city, the remains of which can still be seen today, thousands of years after it was built.

On the tour we will ascend from the captivity of Samaria to the hill on which the capital of the Kingdom of Israel was located about 2800 years ago! 47 years ago, near the same place, Gush Amunim and Ger'in Alon Mora lit the Hanukkah lights that symbolized the renewal of Jewish-Israeli settlement in Samaria. 

After the tour of the National Park we will continue to the train station "Masaudia" 

suitable for families (not for strollers) 
Degree of difficulty: an easy walk of about 1.5 km

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Hasmonean battles in the Judean desert

Wednesday 21.12

Some of the founding stories in the history of the Hasmonean kingdom took place in the Judean desert. The rebels fled to the desert, in the desert they won a number of significant battles, and in the desert they built some of the most magnificent forts that were built during the Hasmonean kingdom. This Hanukkah we will go to Rojum a-Naka, a citadel located in the heart of the Judean desert, from a much later period, where we will tell both about those ancient days and about what is happening in the desert in the present. As part of the trips, we will have a jeep tour, a tour for the well-wishers to the Shoshana Mount Zion monument in collaboration with fellow travelers, and a tour for families with candle lighting, looking for scorpions and stargazing

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Ancient Sosia

Days 20-21.12
26-27 have been canceled

Sosia was an ancient Jewish town of medium size, about 3000 inhabitants lived there in the 4th-8th centuries AD.

Today's visitor to the ancient town will be able to observe the daily life of the Jews in the Land of Israel in a tangible way. The remains of the buildings, the mikvehs, the inscriptions, the escape tunnel and the crawl through it, the decorations and Jewish symbols in stone and mosaic, and above all the magnificent synagogue building, are intertwined in a continuous tour that unfolds a fascinating affair, which seems to have ended yesterday...


Hanukkah activity:

Independent tour of the site, ultrasonic light vision and the escape tunnel.

In addition, kits for creating chocolate coins, and works of painting urns and pispas will be sold separately.

The site's hours of operation: from 9 to 16 and on Friday from 9 to 13.


The Herodion

Friday 23.12

The Herodion is one of the most impressive fortresses built in the Land of Israel, and it contains many surprises that are constantly being revealed to archaeologists digging the site and to visitors.

The fortress was built by Herod the Great, King of Judah who took over the Land of Israel after the dissolution of the Hasmonean state and occupation by the Roman legions in 63 BC.

Herod was in dissonance with the Hasmonean dynasty: on the one hand, he tried to cling to it and show the people as if he continued its lineage, and he even married one of the family's daughters - Miriam. On the other hand, Herod feared the popularity of the Hasmoneans, and even actively harmed several members of the family.

A tour of the site and the new buildings that were recently opened to the general public (the monumental stairs, the royal guest room above the theater) reflects the character of Herod and the construction splendor of the classical world.

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Bur Asper

  Days 3-5, 26-28 Keslo (20-22.12) and days 1-2, 1-2 Tivat (25-26.12)

Bor Asper is a magical place located in the east of Gush Etzion.

After the fall of Judah the Maccabee in battle, the remaining brothers Shimon, Jonathan and Yohanan fled here to collect the fragments with the failure of the rebellion and from here, after Yohanan also fell, they set out to continue him until victory.

Come visit and travel during the Hanukkah days

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